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If you plan to buy a used RAM car, knowing the details of that car would help you make a purchase that is really up to your standards. Run a VIN lookup with VinPit and you will get a comprehensive vehicle report for free.

Where Is a RAM VIN Decoder Used?

The RAM VIN decoder is an ideal tool for all of your needs concerning your RAM car, especially when you are in dire need of finding out some specific detail about your car. Other than when you buy a new car, you can also use the decoder to identify certain traits specific to your car, like its engine specifications, weight, height, and much more.

Using the RAM VIN decoder is also helpful when the car has been stolen or hijacked because the Vehicle Identification Number is one of the best ways to verify a vehicle, and the concerned authorities can easily confirm the identity of a stolen car using its VIN.

The decoder can also be used to find out crucial details about the make year and other details if you plan to buy a second-hand or used car. Unlike purchasing a RAM car from a dealership when it is new, buying it from an owner who has already used it, it can sometimes be slightly challenging to verify the features and other details about the car.

However, by running its VIN through the RAM VIN decoder, you can get a clear idea about the car and be secure about the claims made by its owner.

Where to Check The RAM VIN?

There are several places where one can check the VIN of a RAM car. Ideally, the easiest way to do so is to look into the vehicle registration document, where it is essential to print the VIN of the car after its purchase. However, there are other options. You can also check for the Vehicle Identification Number of a RAM car in its vehicle maintenance records or the vehicle title. If you are in sudden need of the number or if the documents are not around you, you can also check for the VIN on the car.

It can be seen on the side door jam on the driver's side, even though on some occasions, it is found on the other side. It is also visible under the windshield of the car on the side of the driver's seat. Other places include the firewall or near the steering wheel. One last place to find the VIN is under the car's hood, where it is most certainly attached, usually imprinted on a metal plate.

How to Decode a RAM VIN

Decoding the RAM VIN using a VIN decoder is very easy. However, knowing the VIN characters is an excellent way to understand how powerful this number is in giving you a vehicle history report.

The first character stands for the country the car was manufactured in. It can range from 1-5 if it is built in the USA, and it can also be a letter like J for Japan.

The first three characters, including the first one, in totality, represent the World Manufacturer Identification code. The next five characters are together responsible for determining several features and specifics of the car, like engine type and make style.

The next character is a special symbol that authenticates the entire VIN algorithmically.

It is interesting to note that it is the ninth character, which is the middlemost one out of the seventeen characters. The remaining numbers are for other specifics like the year in which this car model was introduced, the plant in which it was built, etc.

While using a RAM VIN decoder, all you have to do is enter the website first and type the VIN number into the search box.

After the number has been typed, click on decode VIN and wait for it to check all the details by analyzing the entered number.

Finally, all the details are displayed, and the specifics of the vehicle are easily accessible.

What Can a RAM VIN Decoder Reveal?

A RAM VIN decoder, like VinPit, can give a lot of essential data regarding the vehicle. Suppose you want to buy a used RAM car from an owner. By cross-checking the VIN with the decoder, you can get all the details of when this car was manufactured and what year the model of this car was introduced.

Furthermore, VinPit also gives an account of all the minute details, including the make, build, tire specifics, engine performance expectations, as well as many other details that a car manufacturer is obliged to give out to a customer. This helps someone with very little knowledge of car mechanisms to go through it with ease.

Finally, it is essential to keep in mind the VIN of any RAM car you buy because it can potentially reduce a lot of hassle in the long run. Be it in the case of repairs, or selling or buying used cars, or even reporting any incident related to the car - it is always helpful to use an efficient RAM VIN Decoder like VinPit to get all the essential details whenever needed.

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