Subaru VIN Decoder


Subaru VIN Decoder

Imagine VIN like the car's fingerprint — distinct, systematic, and precise. The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is a logical sequence of alpha-numeric characters that talks about a vehicle's history. Every vehicle manufactured in the United States, including your Subaru, is assigned its own unique code.

Your Subaru VIN reveals everything about it. It discloses the vehicle's country of origin, type and model, manufacturing year, and engine size, among others. It can also give away critical information regarding the car, such as if it has been stolen or modified. When buying a car like Subaru, VIN lookup is an essential step you must consider carrying out.

How Does a Subaru VIN Decoder Work?

Looking at the 17-digit VIN can be baffling at first. But once you learn how to understand the code, you will find it easy to interpret what the VIN tells you about the Subaru car. However, a Subaru VIN decoder saves time and effort. It can provide the VIN code analysis much more easily and quickly.

Here's a simple guide to understanding how the Subaru VIN number decoder works:

  • First Character: Country Code

Example: J for Japan, 1 or 4 for the USA, 2 for Canada, W for Germany, etc.

  • Second Character: Manufacturer

Example: F for Fuji Heavy Industries, S for Subaru, etc.

  • Third Character: Manufacturing Division or Vehicle Type

When combined with the first two characters, it indicates the vehicle type or the WMI (World Manufacturer Identifier)

  • Fourth Character: Line Type

Example: B for Legacy, G for Impreza, S for Forester

  • Fifth Character: Body Type

Example: D for Impreza sedan, L for Legacy sedan (codes may change yearly)

  • Sixth Character: Engine Type

Example: 2 for 2.0L turbo 4cyl, 6 for 2.2L or 2.5L 4cyl (codes may change yearly)

  • Seventh Character: Trim and Model Type

Example: 1 for Baja, 2 for Brighton, 3 for Legacy L, (if Forester, X), etc.

  • Eighth Character: Restraint

Example: 6 for manual seat belts with dual front and dual side airbags

  • Ninth Character: Check Digit

It is a mathematical computation designed by the US Department of Transportation (DOT) that can be used to determine VIN validity.

  • Tenth Character: Model Year

Example: 8 for '08, 9 for '09, A for '10, B for '11, C for '12, and so on.

  • Eleventh Character: Manufacturing Plant

Example: 4 for SIA, 5spd SportShift automatic, 5 for SIA, 4spd SportShift automatic, G for FHI manual AWD, L for FHI 6spd manual

  • Twelfth to Seventeenth Characters: Sequential Production Numbers

The last 6 characters are the actual, unique serial number of the specific Subaru vehicle.

Where to Find the Subaru VIN Code?

You can find the Subaru vehicle identification number in a number of places. You can easily find this information if you have the car documents handy. The Subaru VIN code is on your car registration or title and insurance card. Your dealer's maintenance records bear this code as well. You can also locate the Subaru VIN in different places on the car depending on the model:

  • From the build plate of the car's engine bay;
  • The door jam from the driver's side;
  • The door jam from the passenger's side;
  • Under the windshield (driver's side);
  • Near the vehicle's firewall;
  • Near the steering column;
  • The dashboard tag from the driver's side (where the window and the underside of the car's hood meet);
  • The front shock absorber cup, or;
  • The inside of the central pillar.

How to Lookup a Subaru VIN Instantly?

Knowing how to decipher the Subaru VIN is a great skill. But with all the constant changes in some of its parameters, such as the fifth and sixth characters and the last six characters, it can get confusing. Even the computation for the ninth digit may seem perplexing.

But you can instantly look up the code with a Subaru VIN checker, which decodes the characters and churn out the results for you. Tools like the VIN decoder at VinPit can do the job of deciphering the VIN quite nicely.

Step 1: All you have to do is determine the unique 17-digit VIN of the Subaru car.

Step 2: Then, launch the VinPit Subaru VIN number decoder.

Step 3: Enter the VIN into the search window and run the decoder.

In just a moment, you will receive the data regarding the vehicle specification and history report. It's simple to use, fast, and reliable!

What Info Can You Find with a Subaru VIN Decoder?

The Subaru VIN decoder shows the vehicle specification, including the vehicle history report, which includes theft, detailed vehicle records, accidents, titles, and more.

      • The interior description and safety equipment (Were the original seats replaced? Are the airbags still complete?);
      • Past sales (how many previous owners has the Subaru car had in the past before you?);
      • History report that may include pieces of information like title problems, salvage rebuilds, previous damages, odometer mileage, and theft;
      • Involvement in accidents, recalls, insurance claims, or warranty claims;
      • Other car history details.

Why Do You Need a Subaru VIN Lookup?

With a quick lookup of the Subaru vehicle identification number, you are assured of the kind of vehicle you are getting. By taking this simple action:

  • It allows you to compare the actual Subaru car and the data from VIN analysis and gives you a good ground for inquiries regarding changes and repairs done if any.
  • It ensures that the vehicle you are planning to purchase is not a damaged or stolen unit.
  • It prevents you from buying a used Subaru car with a compromised safety or operational ability.
  • It gives you an idea of how well-maintained or cared-for the car was (Did it get regular maintenance, oil change, etc.?).

Subaru Sample VIN Numbers

Applying the Subaru VIN decoder system, let us have a look at the following VIN numbers and decode them to figure out what it means:

  • JF1BPDLYF8G102036

This is a Japan-made Subaru Legacy 2008 model, manufactured by Fuji Heavy Industries, 5-doors combi body style, the engine type is 2.0L DOHC 4WD, 5-Speed Manual Transmission, utilizes diesel fuel. It is a mid-size (vehicle class) passenger car (vehicle type).

  • 4S4BRBAC4E3274483

This is a US-made 2014 Subaru Outback, manufactured by Subaru of Indiana Automotive Inc. It is a multi-purpose wagon, AWD (all-wheel drive), engine model 2.5NA U5 displacement 2500 ccm, CVT Transmission, with base trim.

Subaru VIN Lookup FAQs

What information can I expect to find with a Subaru VIN lookup?

With a free VIN lookup, you will find the car's model/type, engine, transmission, model year, manufacture year, assembly plant, and other basic information.

How do I get a more detailed report on the Subaru car I am looking to buy?

For a detailed history of the car, the free Subaru VIN lookup service may not suffice. If you are looking for crucial pieces of information such as the car's title status, accident history, possible illegal modification, or maybe a stolen and unrecovered status, a paid VIN lookup could help. The fee will vary from VIN lookup providers and the scope of the information they can provide.

What is the biggest advantage of doing a VIN lookup for buyers of used cars?

The detailed history report will show if the used car you are eyeing buying has been branded salvaged, flood-damaged, hail-damaged, and others. These critical titles can cause problems for second-hand car buyers in the long run.

Is it true that I should cover my Subaru VIN because car thieves can use it to get duplicate keys for the car?

It is possible to get car key duplicates with VIN. But the thing is, car dealers also require other documents like a car title or registration and proper identification for this purpose. The VIN alone would not be enough. To answer the question: no, covering your VIN is not necessary.

Will the VIN lookup tell me the car's purpose designation?

In most detailed reports, yes. The Subaru VIN lookup will reveal the car's past and present purpose, including private use, rental use, taxi use, or police use.


Do you know what you are getting beyond what the seller claims? You are probably here because you recognize how Subaru VIN numbers provide crucial information to help make better and informed decisions on buying a used or new car. You are right to look up and use our Subaru VIN decoder before making that final purchase.

Let us take the guesswork out of procuring cars, be they old or new. Use our VIN check and VIN decoder tools. VIN number lookup has never been this quick and easy with VinPit! Also, check out other VinPit services like license plate lookup and vehicle history reports.

Get a comprehensive history of a used car

  • Specifications and equipment details.
  • Accidented or stolen.
  • Known and hidden repairs.
  • Past and present market values.
  • Sales records, title issues, and liens.