Saturn VIN Decoder


The Saturn Corporation or Saturn LLC was a registered American automotive company established on January 7, 1985. It was established as a subsidiary of General Motors and operated independently from its assembly plant in Spring Hill, Tennessee.

Every Saturn vehicle has a unique identifier that is used to check the history of the vehicle. In today's automotive industry, the unique number is known as the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). The VIN number contains important information about the Saturn vehicle, such as the year of production, the assembly plant location, engine type, model, recall history, and much more.

If you intend to buy a new or second-hand Saturn vehicle, you need to check the car's history and other important information before signing papers. The easiest way to do that is to use a Saturn VIN decoder. Doing that would help you to avoid paying for a stolen vehicle.

What is a Saturn VIN Decoder?

A Saturn VIN decoder is an online tool that you can use to verify the status of a Saturn vehicle before purchasing it. Every Saturn vehicle has a VIN number, which is 17-digit long. If you search Saturn parts number lookup, you will find out important information about your vehicles such as accident history, maintenance records, engine type, year manufactured, model, and the matching parts.

How to Decode A Saturn VIN?

To decode a Saturn VIN, let's use this sample Saturn VIN number - 3GSALKE76AS585081 so that you can understand how to decode your vehicle's VIN number.

Below is how to do a Saturn vin lookup:

  • The 1st character (3) represents the country in which the Saturn vehicle was manufactured;
  • The 2nd character (G) represents the manufacturer, in this case, Saturn LLC;
  • The 3rd character (S) stands for the vehicle type (Sport Utility);
  • The 4th-8th characters (ALKE7) represent important information about your Saturn cars, such as the body type, style, series, model, and size of the engine;
  • The 9th character (6) stands for the security check number;
  • The 10th character (A) stands for the vehicle's model year. In this case, 2010;
  • The 11th character (S) represents the plant where the vehicle was manufactured;
  • The 12th-17th characters (585081) represent the vehicle's production sequence number.

Saturn VIN Decoder FAQs

Is It Safe To Give Out My Saturn VIN number?

Of course, it is safe to give your Saturn VIN number. Your VIN number is just like your vehicle registration number. If you want to sell your Saturn car, you should share the VIN number with a prospective buyer to verify the status of the car.

Can Police Use The VIN Number To Recover My Stolen Vehicle?

Of course, if your car is stolen, the police department can use your Saturn VIN number to trace the stolen car and possibly recover the car for you. So, once your car is stolen, contact the police department with your VIN number.

What Can I Do With A Saturn VIN Decoder?

You can use the Saturn VIN Decoder from to do a lot. You can use it to determine the match parts of a faulty Saturn vehicle for replacement. You can also use it to check whether your vehicle has any recall history. In fact, you can use it to determine whether or not a Saturn vehicle has been illegally modified prior to purchase.


Saturn recalls by VIN is essentially a tool that can help you check your Saturn vehicle history. The VIN number is 17-digit and it conveys all the important information about a Saturn vehicle, including accident history, engine type, year manufactured, model, and the matching parts.

At any point that you want to buy a new or second-hand Saturn vehicle, ensure to decode the VIN number to avoid buying a stolen or damaged vehicle. The last thing you would wish yourself is to buy a stolen or damaged vehicle, so always use a VIN decoder before signing papers.