Nissan VIN Decoder


A Nissan VIN decoder allows you to look up the VIN of a Nissan vehicle and identify the specific information encoded in the number. By running a VIN decoder, you are able to learn more detailed information about the vehicle, including the model, make, and where the vehicle was built.

Some VIN decoder services like VinPit can even provide you with a detailed vehicle history report that tells you the car's current condition, accident history, safety recalls, theft records, and more.

Knowing this information before you buy a Nissan is important to assess whether the offer is fair and whether the vehicle meets your needs.

A Guide to Decode a Nissan VIN

It's very easy to decode a Nissan VIN when you know what the symbols are in a typical VIN. We have compiled a quick guide for decoding the VIN on any Nissan vehicle:

World Manufacturer Index (WMI)

The first three symbols in your Nissan VIN number are collectively known as the "World Manufacturer Index." Individually, they symbolize different things.

The first character in the VIN usually indicates the country where the vehicle was manufactured. The second VIN character shows the manufacturer of the vehicle. Finally, the third character shows the class or division of the vehicle.

Vehicle Descriptor Section (VDS)

The Vehicle Descriptor Section (VDS) includes VIN characters in the 4th through 8th digits. This group denotes several pieces of information relating to the car's qualities, which include body type, transmission type, and engine specs.

Security Check Digit

This is the 9th digit in the VIN. Its purpose is to validate the VIN; any VIN with a wrong security check digit will be deemed invalid.

Vehicle Identifier Section (VIS)

This section covers VIN characters from the 10th position to the 17th position. The VIS reveals more information about the vehicle, including its model year and production sequence number (last six digits).

Why Should You Use a Nissan VIN Decoder?

When you consider buying a used Nissan, it is important to have all the relevant information beforehand. You can do your due diligence by using a Nissan decoder before buying a used car. Here are the main situations in which you should consider using a Nissan VIN decoder:

1. Whether There Are Any Misrepresentations

The Nissan VIN decoder allows you to get a complete overview of the vehicle's characteristics by providing detailed specifications about the vehicle. This prevents you from buying a car that does not match the seller's description.

If you discover or suspect VIN fraud activity, you should report it to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) or call the police.

2. Whether the Purchase Is Legitimate

Stolen vehicles can be a dangerous trap for buyers. Once discovered, buyers will lose their money, and the vehicles will be confiscated.

And if you keep or resell your car after noticing it has been stolen, you will likely be charged with crimes, including possession of the stolen property.

Thus, it's important to run a VIN decoder to check if the vehicle you're buying is stolen. You can also look up your Nissan VIN to check for stolen records via NICB.

3. Whether the Vehicle Has Been Involved in Any Accidents

In some cases, accidents can cause long-term damage to a vehicle. When buying a used car, it is vital to know if that car has been involved in an accident or otherwise damaged, such as during a national disaster.

A Nissan VIN decoder can provide a comprehensive report that documents any accidents or damage to that vehicle. With this information, you can protect yourself from fraudulent claims and potential liability or negotiate a fair and accurate price with the seller.

4. Whether There Are Any Recalls on the Vehicle

Nissan is recalling more than 300,000 SUVs in the U.S. because the hood suddenly opens, obstructing the driver's view and increasing the risk of a collision. You should perform a VIN decode to confirm if the vehicle you purchased has a specific recall.

You can also check for recalls through Nissan's official recall lookup service or National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s recall tool.

Where Can You Decode a Nissan VIN Number?

The quickest and easiest way to decode a Nissan VIN is by using online VIN decoder services like VinPit. Once you enter the VIN number, these top VIN check service companies will generate a vehicle history report quickly.

As for official resources, in addition to the NICB VIN check tool we mentioned above, you can also conduct a free VIN search with NHTSA, an agency of the federal government.

Sample VIN Numbers

Here are some sample Nissan VIN numbers so you can see what they look like:

VIN — 1N4BL21E38C249950

  • Model Year: 2008
  • Vehicle Type: 4-door sedan
  • Model: Nissan Altima (3.5 SE)
  • Engine Type: 3.5-liter V6 DOHC 24V
  • Serial Number: 249950

VIN — 3N1AB7AP2DL69943

  • Model Year: 2013
  • Model: Nissan Sentra S 6MT
  • Engine Type: 1.8-liter L4 DOHC 16V
  • Serial Number 249950

Resources for Nissan Used Car Buyers

Want to buy a used Nissan car? Here are some useful resources you can use to gain further information before purchasing.


Before you buy a used Nissan vehicle, get a VIN check done. This is the best way to ensure you're not putting money into a bad investment.

At VinPit, we have a super-effective Nissan VIN decoder you can use to decode your Nissan VIN. You can even use our site for other services like procuring a vehicle history report, searching license plates, and anything else related to getting car information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I know if my Nissan is American from the VIN?

Vehicles made in the US usually have "1," "3," or "5" as the first symbols in their VIN. Other Nissan vehicles made abroad will likely have a letter at the start of their VINs.

How fast will I get results from my VIN check?

How quickly you can get results may vary using different VIN check services. With VinPit, you should get results for your VIN search in minutes.

Can a car have a fake VIN?

Car thieves may switch a car's VIN with another one in the documents to hide signs of theft. You can avoid this by checking the car's body to confirm the VIN.

Can I get insurance information on my Nissan from a VIN check?

Yes, you can know a Nissan vehicle's insurance coverage status via a VIN check. If you already own a Nissan vehicle, you can also run a free check with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) online.

For example, if you live in New York, here's how you can check your vehicle's insurance status through the DMV.

How do I know the information is accurate?

The information in our database is culled from many authoritative sources, like the NHTSA, NMVTIS, DMV in each state, manufacturer records, insurance companies, and more. Moreover, we update the information regularly. So, you can bank on its accuracy.