Mitsubishi VIN Decoder


Initially founded in 1870, Mitsubishi was a shipping company that then grew into coal mining, shipbuilding, insurance, banking, oil, real estate, and warehousing. Until 1917, the company began producing automobiles and Mitsubishi VIN decoders.

The first Mitsubishi car was called the Mitsubishi Model A, an entirely handmade seven-seat sedan. Mitsubishi entered the American market with the Colt in 1970, but with this model, there is no Mitsubishi VIN decoding since the vehicles were labeled under Dodge. If you were to decipher the Mitsubishi VIN number, this would help confirm the classic car's authenticity and originality.

What Can I Get from a Mitsubishi VIN Lookup?

There is a specific identifier code called a VIN in every Mitsubishi vehicle. This number includes essential details on the automobile, such as its manufacturer, the year of production, the plant in which it was made, the Mitsubishi engine codes, the model, and more.

With the Mitsubishi VIN decoder, you enter the 17-digit Mitsubishi VIN and all the identifying data for your car will be exposed within moments, enabling you to check whether it is a genuine or fake VIN. Online decoders can provide you with a vehicle history report for your Mitsubishi by searching through 40 million government and private documents that can reveal:

  • Mitsubishi car history like accidents, robbery, etc
  • Estimated mileage of an odometer
  • Structural Failure
  • Mitsubishi part number for mechanical repair
  • Commercial use, such as livery and taxis, use of the police or fleet
  • 60+ issues with cars
  • Mitsubishi Recalls by VIN and faults
  • Security assessments

With the help of the VIN decoder service, you can also find out information about your car like Mitsubishi model number, Mitsubishi warranty lookup, Mitsubishi engine codes, and so on.

How to Decode A Mitsubishi VIN?

Let's get into the comprehensive details stored in the Mitsubishi VIN decoder:

  • The country where the vehicle was assembled is defined by the First number in the Mitsubishi VIN.
  • The manufacturer of the car, in this case, Mitsubishi, is marked by the second digit of the VIN.
  • Even if the vehicle's manufacturer has a range of divisions, the third character of the Mitsubishi VIN defines the exact brand division.
  • The fourth position determines the vehicle's body style. It will be C for pickup or J for pickup cabin.
  • The fifth digit describes the vehicle's transmission type, whereas the sixth number characterizes the model type of the car.
  • Position seven through eight determines the vehicle's engine type, including Mitsubishi engine codes. And the kind of vehicle is defined at Number 9.
  • The year of production of the vehicle is marked by Digit 10 of the Mitsubishi VIN.
  • The specific assembly plant of the vehicle is indicated by Number 11 of the Mitsubishi VIN.
  • A set of characters identifying the serial number of the vehicle is held at positions twelve through seventeen. The number is specific to the vehicle and is not standardized, so the selection completely depends on the manufacturer.

Why Should I Use a Mitsubishi VIN Decoder?

Not only for Mitsubishi warranty lookups but also for Mitsubishi part numbers, the use of the Mitsubishi Vin Decoder is very significant. Other factors are:

  • To check before purchase for primary vehicle data available.
  • To check for the vehicle's specifications to know the matching parts in the case of replacement or repair.
  • To verify the consistency of vehicle information obtained from vehicle records or accessible by the seller.
  • To check for fake VIN or cloned VIN.


If anyone tries to purchase a car, the Mitsubishi VIN on the online database may be reviewed to ensure that the car has not been stolen, destroyed, or illegally changed.

Mitsubishi Vin Decoder service from VinPit enables a customer to verify the car's authenticity and receive extensive details on every Mitsubishi car. You can also search for Mitsubishi part numbers, and Mitsubishi recalls by VIN. The VIN also helps a user to receive a Mitsubishi build sheet and Mitsubishi warranty lookup.