Land Rover VIN Decoder


In today's dynamic automotive industry, vehicles are more complex than ever before. One brand that most automotive enthusiasts look to is the Land Rover brand. Land Rover vehicles are designed and manufactured for high-net-worth individuals. In 1948, the first Land Rover vehicle hit the market using the Jeep chassis and components.

Before now, identifying or capturing all the features or specs of a Land Rover vehicle can be time-consuming, if not completely overwhelming. But today, the narrative is no longer the same.

With a Land Rover VIN Decoder, you can easily identify what's encoded in your vehicle's VIN number and other important vehicle details. Whether you want to buy a used or new Land Rover vehicle, it is important to use the VIN decoder to be sure you are not buying a stolen or damaged vehicle.

Other use cases where the VIN decoder is valuable are to trace stolen vehicles by the police, quote insurance policies, list inventory, order the correct vehicle parts, service vehicles, and much more.

What Can I Do with a Land Rover VIN Decoder?

There is a lot you can do with a Land Rover VIN Decoder. With a VIN decoder handy:

  • A Land Rover VIN decoder helps to eliminate the guessing of specs and features.
  • A VIN decoder can provide you with proof of the Year Make Model so that your insurance company will insure the correct vehicle.
  • The Land Rover VIN Decoder is easy to use compared to manually updating your vehicle inventory.
  • If you are dealing with a used Land Rover vehicle, a VIN decoder will provide you with the vehicle history report so that you don't buy a damaged or faulty vehicle.
  • You can also use a Land Rover VIN Decoder to identify Land Rover recall checks.

Where and How to Find the Land Rover VIN?

The Land Rover VIN number is printed on the VIN plate. You can find the VIN plate on the brake pedal box in the engine compartment. The VIN number can also be accessed on the chassis.

Other locations to find your Land Rover VIN are:

  • On the vehicle registration documents;
  • Owner's manual card;
  • In the spare tire area.

And you will find the location of the Land Rover VIN is different via its different models:

  • 80 model: On the plaque close to the bulkhead;
  • 86, 88, 109, and 107 models: On the right-hand front spring hanger and the bulkhead within the car;
  • Series 111 109" V8 (Stage 1): On the right-hand front spring hanger or the motor firewall compartment;
  • 90, 110, 130, and Defender: At the right-hand side of the skeleton forward of the spring mounting turret. You can also find the VIN number on the plague mounted to the head of the brake pedal or at the left front corner of the windscreen;
  • Discovery: At the left front corner of the windscreen and at the front spring mounting turret.

How Do I Decode My Land Rover VIN Number?

The Land Rover VIN number comes in 17 characters printed in a single line. However, vehicles that are manufactured before 1981 come with 11 characters.

Let's use this sample Land Rover VIN number - SALCP2BG5GH560390 so that you can understand how to decode your vehicle's VIN number.

Below is how to decode your Land Rover VIN number:

  1. The 1st character (S) represents the country that the Land Rover vehicle was manufactured;
  2. The 2nd character (A) represents the manufacturer, in this case, Land Rover;
  3. The 3rd character (L) stands for the vehicle type (passenger car);
  4. The 4th-8th characters (CP2BG) represent important information about your Land Rover, such as the body type, style, series, model, and size of the engine;
  5. The 9th character (5) stands for the security check number;
  6. The 10th character (G) stands for the vehicle's model year;
  7. The 11th character (H) represents the plant where the vehicle was manufactured;
  8. The 12th-17th characters (560390) represent the Land Rover's production sequence number.

Please note that each Land Rover vehicle has a unique serial number.

Before you buy any Land Rover car, ensure you carry out a VIN lookup to determine the car's history. There are different VIN decoders on the internet, just search for one and enter your VIN number.

Why Should I Use a Land Rover VIN Decoder?

Using a Land Rover VIN Decoder has so many benefits, some of which include:

  • To check the basic data of a Land Rover car prior to purchase.
  • To check for your Land Rover's build to know the matching parts in the event of repair or replacement.
  • To check for cloned VIN or fake VIN. This is very important so that you don't buy a stolen car.
  • To determine whether or not a Land Rover vehicle has been illegally modified prior to purchase.


The Land Rover VIN number contains vital information about your vehicle, such as the model, year of production, the country where the vehicle was manufactured, engine type, and more. Whether you want to buy a used or new Land Rover vehicle, it is important to use the VIN decoder to be sure you are not buying a stolen or damaged vehicle. Additionally, the land rover number will provide you with the exact vehicle parts to buy in case of repairs or replacement.