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Buying a Ford Mustang is a lifelong dream for many people. But, with rogue sellers abound, it's all too easy to buy a Mustang with hidden issues.

Fortunately, there's something that'll prevent sellers from giving you false info about a Mustang. That's the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) — a 17-digit code that tells you everything about a vehicle.

The Mustang VIN is usually located on the car itself or in the documents. Once you have it, you can get vehicle information using a Free Mustang VIN decoder.

This guide will discuss finding your VIN, using a VIN decoder, and answering frequently asked questions about Mustang VIN lookups. Let's get started!

How Does a Ford Mustang VIN Decoder Work?

The Mustang VIN decoder is a tool buyers can use to extract basic details about a model using the VIN. As highlighted earlier, the VIN is a 17-character code that stores information about a vehicle.

In the US, every vehicle must have a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Ford assigns every Mustang a VIN at production, stamping it on various body parts for easy accessibility.

Before using a Mustang VIN decoder, you must have the Mustang VIN at hand. Then you have to input the VIN in the decoder search bar and run the VIN check. Some VIN checkers like VinPit can provide results related to a VIN search in minutes.

A VIN decoder provides you with access to accurate information about your Mustang. A seller may lie about the vehicle's origin, or its true condition, just to make a quick sale.

We could recommend that you visit the local DMV office. But that's one hell of a stressful, not to mention costly, way to get vehicle information.

A Mustang VIN decoder remains your best option to get basic details about your vehicle. It is free, fast, secure, and requires minimal effort; you can use it from the comfort of your home!

Where To Find the Ford Mustang VIN

There are two major places to find the VIN on a Mustang: the car's body and in the car documents. Below is a breakdown of possible VIN locations on the average Ford Mustang:

Car body

As is common with US automakers, Ford engraves the VIN on its cars for easy location. A common area on Mustangs where you can find the VIN is the lower dashboard area.

Another possible VIN location on Mustangs is the door jamb on the front driver-side and passenger-side doors. Finally, you can find the VIN on your Mustang by inspecting the engine block area near the hood.

Car documents

When registering a vehicle, owners often have to put down the model's VIN number. So you can easily get a Mustang's VIN if you can get your hands on the registration documents.

Confused as to what vehicle documents can contain the VIN? Here's a rundown of vehicle-related documentation that'll likely feature the VIN:

  • Car title
  • Insurance card
  • Police reports
  • Vehicle registration card
  • Repair records
  • Service manual

How To Lookup a Ford Mustang VIN In Seconds With a Decoder? (Step-By-Step)

The Ford Mustang VIN comprises 17 characters, a combination of alphabetic and numerical symbols. Read on to learn how you can carry decode those numbers and letters with a VIN decoder:

Decoding the 1st to 3rd VIN characters

The initial three characters in the VIN collectively form the World Manufacturer Index (WMI). However, every character in the WMI has its own significance independent of the others.

For instance, the first VIN symbol shows your Mustang's country of origin. This symbol (number or letter) varies by country; American-made vehicles usually use '1', '3', or '5'.

The second VIN symbol indicates the make while the third symbol denotes the model's division.

Decoding the 4th to 8th characters

The 4th-8th VIN characters are grouped together under the Vehicle Descriptor Section (VDS). They are "descriptors" because they describe vehicle qualities like engine class, type of transmission, and model.

Decoding the 10th to 17th characters

This section is called the Vehicle Identifier Section (VIS) and identifies essential attributes of the vehicle. For example, the 10th character indicates the vehicle's model year. Another is the 11th VIN character, which shows what plant assembled the vehicle.

The last six digits are usually part of the serial number. This is a code assigned to a Mustang as it leaves the production line.

Note: The 9th VIN symbol is a number that validates the VIN. If the number is wrong, the VIN decoder will return an "Invalid" message should you attempt a VIN lookup.

What Info Can You Find with a Ford Mustang VIN?

Federal laws mandate automakers create a VIN for all production models. These laws also make it compulsory for manufacturers to include all important information about a vehicle in the VIN.

Here are some details about a Ford Mustang that you can get from its VIN:

  • Type of vehicle (sedan, truck, SUV, etc.)
  • Type of transmission
  • Size of engine
  • Country and year of production
  • Production sequence number
  • Type of safety system
  • Assembly plant

But a Mustang VIN number can provide more than just technical details about a model. Below are other must-know details that you can get from a Mustang VIN lookup:

  • Recalls;
  • Insurance status;
  • Theft alerts;
  • Warranty claims, etc.

Why Do You Need a Ford Mustang VIN Lookup?

You need a Mustang VIN lookup because it's the easiest way to get information to guide the buying process. Without a VIN lookup, you'd have to depend on the info provided by the seller, who has zero incentive to tell you the truth.

The Mustang you want to buy may be illegal. Or it could have a million defects or issues that may void the warranty.

Ideally, a seller should share all information about a vehicle with you, and most times they will. But this isn't always the case, especially when dealing with less honorable individuals.

A Mustang decode will safeguard you against efforts to deceive you into buying a bad car. More importantly, it will ensure you don't throw your money on a vehicle that will give you headaches down the line.

Ford Mustang Sample VIN Numbers

We have compiled a list of sample Mustang VIN numbers for your perusal. Even better, each VIN is followed by a comprehensive breakdown of the information:

VIN: 1FAFP4040YF204392

  • Model year — 2000
  • Country of production: U.S.A
  • Manufacture — Ford
  • Model name — Mustang
  • Type of engine — 3.8-liter V6 OHV 12V
  • Type of vehicle — 2-door coupe
  • Serial number — 204392

VIN: 1FA6P8CF5F5393192

  • Model year — 2015
  • Country of production — U.S.A
  • Manufacturer — Ford
  • Model name — Mustang GT
  • Type of vehicle — 2-door coupe
  • Type of engine — 5.0-liter V8 DOHC 32V
  • Serial number — 393192

Ford Mustang VIN Lookup Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it necessary to lookup a Mustang VIN before buying it?

Checking the VIN of a used Mustang will reveal information that the seller may be hiding from you. It certainly protects you from any nasty surprises that your Mustang may spring on you later on.

How do I lookup a Ford Mustang VIN?

It's simple: enter your VIN into the VIN decoder and click on the decode button. If you use VinPit, you'll get all the information you need in under a minute.

Can two Mustangs have the same VIN?

US laws compel automakers to generate a unique Vehicle Identification Number for every model. As such, no two models can have a similar VIN, except one is cloned or fake.

Can I get information about a Mustang's condition from its VIN?

A Mustang VIN lookup will tell you if your Mustang has faced recalls or has been taken in for warranty repair recently. Sellers cannot lie to you about a vehicle's status so long as you have the VIN.

Do I need special equipment for a Mustang VIN lookup?

Not at all! You can carry out a Mustang VIN check if you have an Internet-enabled mobile phone or computer. Obviously, you'll need to have the Mustang VIN written somewhere before you start.



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