Dodge VIN Decoder


You can pick up a reliable VIN decoder if you want to find out the kind of body, Dodge VIN engine codes, or even what type of fuel to use for your Dodge car. In the field of performance vehicles, Dodge has a great name formerly called Fiat Chrysler Group.

In the 1970s, Dodge dealt with the manufacture of trucks and full-size passenger cars. On the other hand, in the years 1962-1979, Dodge was also involved in developing some impressive small vehicles such as the 1963-76 Dart and even some standard-size cars called Coronet and Charger.

What Can a Dodge VIN Decoder Provide?

The online Dodge VIN decoder immediately offers the details and specifications of the vehicle. With these data, you can access a complete Dodge vehicle history report like:

  • The market value of a car
  • Details on equipment
  • The fuel efficiency of Dodge's car
  • Dodge VIN engine codes
  • Security Ratings
  • Current warranty for car
  • Recalls and any defects
  • Structural damage
  • History of accidents
  • Theft history
  • Any mechanical maintenance
  • You can also check the parts through a dodge truck VIN decoder if it needs replacement or repair
  • Check for fake VIN or cloned VIN if it indicates red flags that means that the VIN is not for the car or the vehicle you are purchasing

When you use a Dodge VIN decoder, it will provide you with significant knowledge which you won't know through the naked eye. While a vehicle might look shiny on the outside but had a history with warning signs.

Where is The VIN Number on a Dodge car?

You can find the Dodge VIN number decoder in the following locations:

  1. Radiator frame present on the left arch of the front wheel
  2. Pillar of the front left-hand door (Stratus / 1995-2000, Dakota / 1997-2004, Durango / 1998-2004)
  3. The left middle strut in Intrepid / 1998-2004
  4. At the top of the front right wheel arch (Intrepid / 1993-1997)
  5. A heat-proof casing in (Stratus / 2001-2004)
  6. The hood's flip side on the front left corner (Dakota/1987-1996)
  7. At the left a-Pillar in Caravan, RAM

How Can I Decode a Dodge VIN Number?

Dodge VIN number, a Chrysler division, started in the 1920s and evolved into the 17-digit standard we know today. Dodge used a model code, a Dodge VIN engine code, and a dodge serial number identification as a precursor to the VIN. Each digit is connected with a particular meaning to decode Dodge VIN for free.

 After doing the VIN lookup, Let's see the details on Dodge

  • The first three digits are called the World Manufacturer Identifier, the country of origin or the final assembly, manufacturer, and division point.
  • The model, vehicle's body style, transmission, restraint, safety system, and the engine type are shown in the fourth through eighth characters.
  • The ninth element is referred to as a "check" digit used to detect any fraudulent VINs.
  • The Dodge VIN decoder for the tenth number indicates the model year, while in the 11th digit the assembly plant is listed.
  • In the Dodge VIN decoder, the final six digits are explicitly unique to that car, the vehicle number on the production line. Therefore, if the last six digits were 170079, this would be the 170,079th vehicle to be built at that specific Dodge manufacturing plant on the assembly line.


In conclusion, you can get useful information about a Dodge vehicle using a dodge VIN number regarding the dimensions, dodge VIN engine codes, history, recalls, and finding parts and accessories. The VIN is generally offered in online marketplaces by sellers. Ensure the VIN on the car matches the VIN on the registration or insurance forms for the vehicle to avoid any fake purchases.