Acura VIN Decoder


Established in 1986 as a Honda subsidiary, Acura entered the automotive scene after the 1981 Vehicle Identification Number standardization scheme was adopted. The 17-digit standardized number was already produced by the very first Acuras, making free Acura VIN decoding easy from the beginning.

The official Acura logo, which resembles the letter 'A' has a lot of additional significance. This denotes the caliper, an instrument for accurate measurement, and the emblem implies that every Acura vehicle is produced with precision and technological perfection.

Japanese rivals Nissan and Toyota were driven to compete with their own entries in the market by the success of the first flagship vehicle, Acura Legend, against established luxury brands.

What is an Acura VIN Lookup?

Acura VIN lookup is a unique code that is assigned to every Acura car when it is manufactured. You have to enter the 17-digit number in the Acura VIN decoder instead of looking through the sourcebooks, and online decoder sites will instantly generate a vehicle history report with the following data:

  • Place of Origin
  • The manufacturer
  • Plant for assembly
  • Acura make and Model
  • Manufactured Year
  • Systems of safety and restraint
  • Form of Engine
  • Form of transmission
  • You can also check the Acura parts number lookup

Then, as part of your free Acura VIN lookup, those sites like VINCheckPro will search for more than 40 million documents. VINCheckPro will provide you with an Acura car history report after browsing through private insurance and title records, as well as federal, state, and local government records, revealing:

  • History of Accidents
  • History of robbery
  • Complete Records for Loss
  • Salvage or complete history of titles
  • Structural Harm
  • Commercial use, such as the use of cabs, police, or fleets
  • Estimated mileage of an odometer
  • Mechanical service
  • 60+ issues with cars
  • Security ratings
  • Environmental Ranking
  • Acura Recalls by Vin number and faults

You can verify the validity of an Acura VIN by performing an Acura VIN decoding, as well as having a better picture of the reality and history of any pre-owned Acura you are considering. Therefore, the advantages of using Acura VIN lookup are significant to consider.

Where Is The VIN on an Acura Car?

You will find the Acura Vin number in the following places:

  • As seen from the driver's side of the windshield, the Acura VIN is situated in front of the dashboard.
  • It can also be found with the production date on the driver's door jamb and all the doors, the trunk lid, front fenders, rear quarter panels, underneath the right wiper firewall, and hood.
  • On the lip underneath the front and rear bumpers, the Acura VIN is also found.
  • The Acura VIN number can be located right above the oil pan on the engine block, at the front of the engine, near the air conditioning compressor, and just behind the header.
  • You can likewise find it on the Titles, registration, or card for insurance.

How to Decode & Lookup an Acura VIN?

You can discover where the car was made, what year it is, engine capacity, and a lot more just by looking at the Acura VIN number. We will explain to you how Acura VIN decode helps you by its every digit:

  1. The first position in the Acura VIN indicates the assembly country. This is where they made the Acura. In Canada, the USA, and Japan, Acura's are made.
  2. The second digit will tell you about your automobile manufacturer. E.g., 9 is for The Acura, H for Honda, etc.
  3. The third character provides data on the division. If there are several divisions of the maker, this number helps classify which one manufactured your vehicle. Any of the following 4, U, N, can be Acura.
  4. The Acura model and the corresponding engine size are linked to numbers four through 6. Such as CC2 for Vigor (2.5 )
  5. Digit 7 will tell you information about Trim. For instance, 1 for 2 Door Coupe, 2 for 2 Door Coupe, Automatic, and 3 for Hatchback, Manual.
  6. Number 8 shows you the details of the engine.
  7. The character 9 is the check digit used to verify if the Acura VIN number is correct. A formula formed by the DOT generates this number.
  8. The 10th number will tell you about the year of the model.
  9. The 11th digit reveals the plant in which the vehicle was manufactured. Acura has the particular codes below.

    • A = Marysville, Ohio, United States
    • C = Saitama (Sayama) Factory, Japan
    • D = Malaysia
    • F = Taiwan
  10.  The Acura serial number of the car is displayed from positions twelve through seventeen. A sequence that helps Acura recognize when and where the car came from the assembly line. As this number is not standardized, Acura is allowed to pick any six-digit number they want.


Validating Acura VINs is a lot easier task via VinPit, as Acura vehicles are so well numbered. It is vital to match the VIN across all vehicle locations as part of your free VIN decoder process. For instance, if the Acura VIN of the engine does not match, then you know that the engine might have been replaced. Or if the trunk has no Acura VIN, then this raises a flag. The lid of the trunk may have been removed when there was an accident in the vehicle.