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Miranda Yan

Editorial Director & Co-Founder

Miranda Yan is a co-founder of VinPit, a leading platform for VIN lookup. Her passion for technology and cars led her to develop VinPit as a solution to help car buyers make informed decisions when purchasing a used vehicle. Her insights on the automotive industry and marketing have been featured in several publications, including WashingtonInformer, MoneyGeek, and FreshWorks.

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Miranda Yan is an accomplished entrepreneur and automotive industry expert, widely recognized for co-founding VinPit, a leading platform for VIN checks. Driven by her passion for innovative technology and love for cars, Miranda developed VinPit to empower used car buyers with essential information to make informed decisions.

As the Editorial Director and Co-Founder of VinPit, she oversees the development of content and ensures that the information provided to customers is reliable and accurate. Her influence in the automotive industry and leadership insights have been featured in several major publications, such as WashingtonInformer, MoneyGeek, FreshWorks.

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Articles Reviewed by Miranda Yan (35)
Mazda VIN Decoder

Look up and check Mazda VIN numbers and get free vehicle history reports at VinPit. Learn more about your Mazda car with this easy-to-use Mazda VIN decoder.

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Free License Plate Owner Lookup

See if license plate owner lookup is possible, and where and how you can find out the identity of the license plate owner.

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What Is a VIN?

Learn more about what is a vehicle identification number (VIN), why should we decode it, and how to do it for free.

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12 Best Free VIN Check Services

You can easily check out a used car's whole history, thanks to VIN check services. Let’s walk you through the 12 best free VIN lookup services to work with.

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Ford VIN Decoder

Do you need a free Ford VIN decoder to get the history of a used Ford vehicle? VinPit can help. We'll tell you information about your chosen vehicle.

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Chevrolet VIN Decoder

Do you want to conduct a quick background check on a jeep? Jeep VIN decoder from VinPit is what you need. Learn more here.

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Free CARFAX Report

Are you looking for a free CARFAX report of a used vehicle before making the purchase? VinPit has got you covered for all your concerns regarding the car's history information.

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Texas License Plate Lookup

Finding a reliable license plate search in Texas? VinPit offers a free Texas license plate search tool to get vehicle info online. Start your search now!

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Free South Carolina License Plate Lookup

Looking for a free South Carolina license plate lookup? Look no further. VinPit is here to help you get vehicle information without any hassle.

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Free Pennsylvania License Plate Lookup

Want to check a used car's history in Pennsylvania? A free Pennsylvania license plate lookup can help! Get detailed vehicle information with VinPit now!

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Free Ohio License Plate Lookup

A free Ohio license plate lookup is a helpful tool to get vehicle information, and VinPit makes it easy for you to check a license plate online.

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Free New York License Plate Lookup

A free New York license plate lookup can put detailed vehicle information in your hand. Use VinPit to run a license plate search now!

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